1. Study on "Mobilizing International and Regional Finances / Funding for Implementation of Renewable Energy Projects in SAARC Member States"

  2. Study on "Roadmap for Implementation of Smart Grid: Concepts, Practices and Technologies in SAARC Region"

  3. Study on "SAARC Energy Outlook 2030"

  4. Study on "Infrastructure and Enabling Environment for Road Electric Transport in SAARC Member States"

  5. Study on "Promotion of Trans-Border Business of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products in SAARC Region"

Knowledge Sharing Workshops / Technology Dissemination

  1. Knowledge sharing Workshop on "Modern Techniques including Renewable Energy Auctions for Economizing Renewable Energy Tariff". (2 days, Sri Lanka)

  2. Workshop on "Growth of Indian Power Infrastructure and Lessons Learnt". (2 days, Pakistan)

  3. Interaction with relevant Agencies in People's Republic of China for Developing Guidelines for seeking Private Sector Investment in Commercial Scale Biogas Projects in SAARC Member States (5 day)

  4. Dissmeination workshop on studies:
    1. Development of a Template for Dispute Settlement Mechanism between Member States
    2. Assessing the Gaps in Laws and Regulations regarding Trade and Exchange of Electricity (2 day, Bangladesh)

  5. Dissemination Webinar on "Study for Deployment of Electric Road Transportation in South Asia"

  6. Dissemination Webinar on "Study to Investigate the Difficulties for Household Solar Systems in SAARC Region"

  7. Training on Energy Statistics and Publishing of National Energy Data (Afghanistan, Bhutan, Maldives and Nepal; 2 days each country)

  8. SAARC workshop "Training on Load / Power Flow Studies using PSS/E for efficient National and Cross Border Interconnected Power Systems in South Asia" (3 days, Bhutan)

  9. Dissemination Webinar on Study Report to "Assess the Resource Potential and Planning for a Demosntration Project using Run-of-River submersible water turbines"

  10. Dissemination Webinar on Study "Review of existing Feasibility Study of Karnali Chissapani Hydro Power Project (10,800 MW) for defining the way forward to Materialize its Development as a Regional Hydro Project".

  11. Capacity Building of SEC Professionals through External Expert Services.

Special Projects

  1. Study on "Development of SEC 5-Year Strategic Plan 2018-2022".
  2. Development of SAARC Energy Databook (2006-2016)
  3. SAARC Solar PV Demonstration Project: Tapping the Indigenous Generation Resources (Afghanistan & Bangladesh)


  1. Celebration of World Environment Day (1 day, Pakistan)
  2. Promotion of energy Conservation in SAARC Region on World Energy Day (1 day, Nepal)