Collaborate with SAARC Energy Centre

Collaborate with SAARC Energy Centre


SAARC Energy Centre is prequalifying experts for study reports and trainings in the following fields:

  1. Oil & Gas
  2. Renewable Energy
  3. Power
  4. Energy Efficiency & Environment
  5. ICT/AI in Energy

Interested parties may submit their information on this format through email to latest by 21st February, 2021.

Further information related to the following activities is available is on the associated links.


Sr. No. Description Further Information
Oil & Gas
1.  Study on "Economics of Transition to Euro-6 Fuel"
2.  On-line Training / Capacity Building of Professionals in SAARC Member States on LNG Business Strategies
Renewable Energy
3.  Study on "Mini grids and Access-to-Electricity in SAARC"
4.  Study on "Renewable Energy for Food Storage in SAARC Countries"
5.  On-line Capacity Building of Professionals from Member State Bhutan on Commercial Scale Biogas Plants
6.  On-line Training of SAARC Professionals on Small, Mini and Micro Hydro Power Generation
7.  On-line Training on Homer or Similar Software
8.  On-line Training of Stakeholders on "Power Purchase Agreements of Renewable Energy Projects"
9.  Study on "Power Pricing for Cross-Border-Electricity-Trade in South Asia''
10.  Hand Book for Setting-up National Power Exchanges in SAARC
11.  Virtual Consultative Workshop on "Cross-Border Electricity Trade in SAARC Region: Challenges and Investment Opportunities"
12.  Webinar on "Use of Covered Conductors in Medium Voltage Power Transmission"
13.  Webinar on "Techniques to Forecast Long-term Demand of Electricity for Member States"
14.  Webinar on "Use of Drones in Operation / Maintenance of Power Transmission Lines"
15.  Webinar on "Economic Dispatch and Unit Commitment Modelling Using PLEXOS or Similar Software"
16.  Webinar on "High-Voltage Direct Current Transmission Systems"
Energy Efficiency & Environment
17.  Study on "Efficiency Enhancement and Solarization of Streetlights in SAARC Region"
18.  Webinar on "Energy Auditing of Residential and Commercial Building"
19.  Webinar on "Intelligent Lighting Systems"
20.  Webinar on "Achieving Efficiency Improvements in Trucking Sector"
21.  Webinar on "International Protocols Related to Emissions from Thermal Power Plants"
22.  Virtual Consultative Workshop on "Achieving SDG-7 in South Asia"
ICT/AI in Energy
23.  Mapping of Areas not Having Access to Electricity and High Voltage Power Transmission Lines Using GIS/AI Techniques in SAARC
24.  On-line Training of Stakeholders on "Digitizing Industrial Motor Systems for Energy Efficiency"


In case of any queries, please feel free to contact us at:


SAARC Energy Centre

Tel: +92 51 222 2186


LinkedIn: SAARC Energy Centre

Facebook: SAARC Energy Centre – SEC

Twitter: @SaarcEC

Mailing Address: 697, St. No. 43, NPF,

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