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SEC values input and opinion by its stakeholders

SEC values input and opinion by its stakeholders

Here, we seek your invaluable feedback through SAARC Study ‘Impact Assessment of Initiatives by the SAARC Energy Centre and the Way Forward’.

Dear Stakeholder,

Greetings from SAARC Energy Centre, Islamabad.

SAARC Energy Centre (SEC), mandated to initiate, coordinate and facilitate SAARC programmes in energy, started its functioning in the year 2007. During the last eight years or so, SEC has carried out numerous program activities which include special projects, research studies, dissemination and capacity building initiatives. These program activities are aimed at contributing towards implementation of the declarations of SAARC Summits, decisions and recommendations of SAARC Energy Ministers Meetings, SAARC Working Group on Energy and South Asia Energy Dialogue, and follow up actions of previous program activities.

In order to assess the impacts of SEC’s activities, through the Action Plan for the FY 2015, SEC has commissioned the subject study (copy of the Concept Paper is attached). Ms. Ameena Sohail, an eminent power sector law expert and her team at Institute of Policy Study, Pakistan have been entrusted to undertake this short term study. The study team is now seeking feedback from the SEC stakeholders including but not limited to past delegates from the SAARC Member States, experts and resource persons, short terms consultants and professionals who have worked/are working with SEC, current officials of the Member States related to SEC and its activities. For this purpose, the team has customized a questionnaire aiming to secure your invaluable opinion about the influence due to SEC’s interventions on the policy, developments, systems and projects of the Region and/or individual Member State.

Kindly do participate in this survey by sending the filled-up survey form (template is attached) to Ms. Ameena Sohail at with cc, latest by Monday, 2nd November 2015.

SEC is confident that your invaluable input will help SEC in continuing its participatory approach and more importantly in enhancing the impact of its program activities in the future.

On behalf of SEC, I am totally grateful for your anticipated concern and time assigned, for providing us your opinion, in the best interest of people of South Asia with respect to mitigating the energy poverty in the Region.

With best regards

Salis Usman

Program Coordinator
SAARC Energy Centre, Islamabad