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Global Literature on Cross border Electricity Trade

  1. Greater Mekong Sub-Region Power Trade and Interconnection: 2 decades of cooperation. Click Here

  2. Perspectives in regulating a regional electricity market: the ECOWAS experience. Click Here

  3. Energy security in Asia: Prospects for regional cooperation (ADB economics working paper series). Click Here

  4. Work Program 2018: Nordic Energy Regulators (NordREG)". Click Here

  5. 5th high-level meeting of regional associations of emerging markets: RAERESA’s activities and priority areas. Click Here

  6. Working paper: Regional integration in Southern Africa-A platform for electricity sustainability. Click Here

  7. ESMAP Transmission & Trading Case Study: The Potential of Regional Power Sector Integration: South African Power Pool (SAPP). Click Here

  8. Regional Power Sector Integration Lessons from Global Case Studies and a Literature Review (World Bank) . Click Here

SAARC Region Literature on Cross border Electricity Trade

  1. Harmonizing electricity laws in South Asia: Recommendations to implement the SAARC Framework Agreement on Energy Trade (Electricity). Click Here

  2. Cross-Border Power Trading in South Asia: A Techno Economic Rationale (ADB South Asia working paper series). Click Here

  3. Draft SEC Study to Develop a Template for a Dispute Settlement Mechanism between SAARC Member States regarding the Interpretation and Implementation of the SAARC Framework Agreement for Energy Cooperation (Electricity). Click Here

  4. Draft SEC Study on Action Paper on Assessing the Gaps in Current Laws and Regulations regarding Cross-Border Trade and Exchange of Electricity. Click Here

  5. SAARC Framework Agreement for Energy Cooperation (Electricity). Click Here

  6. SAARC Regional Energy Trade Study (SRETS 2010): SAARC Secretariat and ADB. Click Here

  7. SAARC Study on Standardization of Technical Data Required for Regional Power Interconnection & Power Trading. Click Here

  8. Compendium of Electricity Regulations of South Asian countries, Prepared by USAID SARI/EI. Click Here