Governing Board


Engr. Farhad Mahmodi

Member of Renewable Energy, Ministry of Energy & Water, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Mr. M. Raihan Akhtar

Joint Secretary, Power Division Ministry Of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources People's Republic of Bangladesh

Mr. Karma Penjor Dorji

Chief Engineer, Department of Hydropower and Power System, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Kingdom of Bhutan


The respected Governing Board member has completed his tenure. Nomination of the new member is under process with the Government of Republic of India

Mr. Ahmed Ali

Director General, (Energy & Engineering) Ministry of Environment and Energy, Republic of Maldives

Mr. Pravin Aryal

Joint Secretary, Ministry of Energy Water Resource and Irrigation, Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

Mr. Shahbaz Tahir Nadeem

Joint Secretary (International and Joint Venture), M/o Energy (Petroleum Division) Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Mr. M.P.D.U.K. Mapa Pathirage

Secretary, Ministry of Power & Energy, Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka