A. Studies

  1. Comparative Study for the Prevailing Tariff of Renewable Energy in Member States and, Assessing and Recommending Options such as Net-metering, Banking and Wheeling. (Download Now)

  2. Feasibility Study for Setting Up SAARC Regional / Sub-regional LNG Terminals. (Download Now)

  3. Study on Harmonizing Transmission Grid Codes of SAARC Member States to Combat Regulatory Challenges for Intra-region Power Trading/Interconnections. (Download Now)

  4. Study on Optimum Power Generation Mix for a Sustainable Power Sector in South Asia. (Download Now)

  5. Study on Energy Efficiency in Transport Sector in SAARC Member States. (Download Now)

  6. Study to Assess Renewable Energy Development in South Asia; Achievements and the Way Forward in the Perspective of Policies and Investment Opportunities. (Download Now)

  7. SAARC Energy Data Book. (Download Now)

  8. Impact Assessment of SEC’s Initiatives and the Way Forward. (Download Now)

Special Projects

  1. Promotion of SAARC Chullahs (Improved Cooking Stoves-ICS) for their Commercialization / Marketing / Scaling up in the SAARC Member State

B. Capacity Building

  1. SAARC Workshop on Energy Based Livelihoods Contributing to Economic Empowerment of the Marginalized Sectors and Women in the SAARC Region. Maldives

  2. SAARC Dissemination Workshop on Study for Designing Management and Monitoring Framework for Regulatory Compliance by Power Transmission Utilities in the SAARC Region.(29-30 Apr, Sri Lanka)... Coming Soon!

  3. SAARC Perspective Workshop on the Past, Present and Future of High Voltage DC (HVDC) Power Transmission (30 Sept-01 Oct, Pakistan). (Click Here)

  4. SAARC Training Workshop on Experience Sharing on Coal Bed Methane, Underground Coal Gasification.... Coming Soon!