Study on the potential for Energy Storage Technologies in Electricity Sector of SAARC member states.

The basic purpose of this study was to provide a food for thought to SAARC Member States with a set of viable options with respect to energy storage technologies in the perspective of success stories from the region and beyond. And to explore potentials of commercial application of electricity storage in remote electricity systems, Distribution utility support, Grid stability, residential and commercial storage systems using storage technologies such as Batteries, Flywheels, Compressed Gas, and Pumped Hydro etc.

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Study to Assess the Present Situation, Gaps in Capacity, Technology and Policy & Regulatory Instruments in Coal Sector in SAARC Member States

The study presents baseline situation of coal sector, asses the technology, policy & human resource capacity and put forward recommendations to promote the role of coal for sustainable development of SAARC region.

This study provides an extensive overview of coal sector in SAARC region with special reference to the current status of coal sector in the region, indicaon of gaps in production and demands, assessment of coal technologies in practice and, lastly, prospecve role of coal in the social and economic progress of the region.

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SAARC Energy Data Book (2006-2016)

This is the fifth issue of SAARC Energy Data Book published by SAARC Energy Centre (SEC). It provides statistics on different sources of energy in the SAARC Region for the years from 2006 to 2016.

The book provides various aspects of energy in this Region for regional and international professionals, researchers and planners. Basic energy data of SAARC Member States have been taken mainly from The “Energy Statistics Database” of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. The definitions and conversion factors used here conform to those used in the UN publications and have also been included in this issue, for ready reference.

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