A. Pilot and Demonstration Project

  1. Establishment of Pilot and Demonstration Project on Application of Shallow Geothermal Energy for Heating and Cooling the Buildings in cooperation with suitable organization in Pakistan.... Coming Soon!

B. Studies

  1. Study on Pricing Mechanism for Oil and Gas (including LNG and LPG) in SAARC Member States.... Coming Soon!

  2. Study on evaluating energy conservation potential of Brick Production in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan by sharing best practices in SAARC Countries. (Pakistan Report) (Nepal Report)

  3. Attendance of conferences and seminars and visits to R&D institutions in Asia..... Coming Soon!

  4. SAARC Action Plan on Energy Conservation. (Download Now)

  5. SAARC Energy Data Book...... Coming Soon!

C. Capacity Building

  1. SAARC Workshop on Women and Energy (02-04 July, Maldives) (Click Here)

  2. SAARC Workshop on Experience Sharing of Bio Gas, Solar Home System and Micro-Hydro Power Projects (13-14 March, Nepal) (Click Here)

  3. SAARC Workshop on Tight Gas and Shale Gas Exploration in South Asia (15-16 Oct, Pakistan). (Click Here)

  4. SAARC Workshop on Renewables Energy Policy, Regulation and Grid Connectivity (21-22 Nov, Bhutan) (Click Here)

  5. SAARC Workshop on Cross-Border Electricity Interconnection (23-24 May Bhutan) (Click Here)