Vision & Mission

What we are upto 


The Centre is envisioned as a catalyst for the economic growth and development of South Asia region by initiating, coordinating and facilitating regional as well as joint and collective activities on energy.


The Centre will provide technical inputs to the SAARC Working Group (and other) meetings on Energy, and will facilitate accelerating the integration of energy strategies within the region by providing relevant information, state-of-the-art technology and expertise.


The primary objective for the establishment of the Centre is to have a regional institution of excellence for the initiation, coordination and facilitation of SAARC programs in energy.


  • To strengthen South Asia’s capacity to collectively address global and regional energy issues.
  • To facilitate energy trade within the SAARC region, through the establishment of a regional electricity grid and natural gas pipelines.
  • To promote more efficient use of energy within the SAARC region.
  • To enhance cooperation in the use of new and renewable energy sources in the region, thereby contributing towards more sustainable development in the SAARC member countries.
  • To serve as a focal point for providing reliable energy data for the individual member countries and the South Asian region.
  • To enhance SAARC expertise in energy development and management.
  • To promote private sector investment and participation in energy activities in the region.
  • To undertake programs to achieve the goals mentioned above.