A. Special Project

  • Field Trials of SAARC Chullahs – Improved Cooking Stoves (ICS)

B. Studies

  • Pre-feasibility Study for Setting up SAARC Regional/Sub-regional Coal Based Power Plant.
  • Study on Cogeneration Opportunities in Sugar and Paper Industries in SAARC Member States.
  • Study on Pricing Mechanism of Electricity in SAARC Member States.
  • SAARC Energy Data Bank.

C. Capacity Building

  • Participation of SEC Professionals in Conferences, Seminars and Study Visits to Energy related Institutions in Asia.

  • SAARC Workshop on Household Energy Efficiency and Conservation with Women Participation.

  • SAARC Seminar on Role of Private Sector in Regional Power Trade.

  • SAARC Dissemination Workshop on Review of Electricity Laws and Regulatory Frameworks of Member States.

  • SAARC Dissemination Workshop on Energy Conservation Potential of Brick Production in Selected SAARC Countries.

  • SAARC Training Workshop on Energy Audit and Efficiency in Power Sector.