A. Studies

  • Comparative Study on Rural Electrification Policies in SAARC Member States
  • Study for Assessment of Energy Efficiency Potential through Energy Audit on Power Transmission and Distribution Grid Stations
  • Study on Designing Management and Monitoring Framework for Regulatory Compliance by Power Transmission Utilities in SAARC Region
  • Study for Development of a Potential Regional Hydro Power Plant in South Asia
  • SAARC Energy Data Bank

B. Capacity Building

  • SAARC Workshop on Experience Sharing of Construction, Operation and Maintenance of LNG Facilities
    (20-22 October, 2014, India)
  • SAARC Workshop on Harmonizing Regulations and Policies for Cross Border Power Trade, Risk Sharing and Financial Settlement Issues
    (26-27 June, 2014, Nepal)
  • SAARC Dissemination Workshop on SEC Study on Cogeneration Opportunities in Sugar and Paper Industries in SAARC Member States
    (25-26 September, 2014, Sri Lanka)
  • SAARC Training Workshop on Power System Studies for Synchronization of Multiple Systems
    (20-22 October, 2014, Afghanistan)
  • Webinar on Concept, Establishment and Operation of a Power Exchange for Regional Power Trading.