Special Projects

  • PRG-122/2017/PENT: Development of SAARC Energy Data Book (2004-2014).
  • PRG-123/2017/POSIT: Archive on SAARC Energy Centre.
  • PRG-124/2017/POSIT: Interaction with MNRE, India and Relevant Agencies for Developing Guidelines for other Member States with Respect to Successful Launching of Biogas Projects (3-day, India).
  • PRG-125/2017/PETREN: Celebration of World Environment Day, (01 day, Pakistan)

Capacity Building

  • PRG-79/2015/PREPA: Dissemination Workshop on “Comparative Study on Rural Electrification Policies in SAARC Member States.(Cancelled in 2015).
    Proposed Date: 08-09 October, 2017, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • PRG-114/2017/PENT: Training on System Operation and Settlement Mechanism, Cross Border Trade / Regional Power Market in South Asia
    Proposed Date: 3-4 October 2017, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • PRG-115/2017/PETREN: Regional Cooperation and Capacity Building Programme for Sharing Information on Energy, Environment & Disaster Risk Management in Collaboration with SDMC.
    15-17 Nov, 2017, New Delhi, India
  • PRG-116/2017/POSIT: Dissemination Workshop on the study report to “Assess the Present Situation, Gaps in Capacity, Technology and Policy & Regulatory Instruments in Coal sector in SAARC Member States”
    Proposed Date: 15-16 Nov, 2017, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • PRG-117/2017/PROMO: Dissemination Workshop on “Potential for Energy Storage Technologies in Electricity Sector of SAARC Member States.
    Proposed Date: 13-14 Nov, 2017, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • PRG-118/2017/PETREN: SAARC Regional Expert Consultation Meeting on Water, Energy & Food Nexus (WEF)
    Proposed Date: 3-6 Jul, 2017, Thimphu, Bhutan
  • PRG-119/2017/PROMO: Knowledge Sharing Workshop on “Modern Techniques including Renewable Energy Auctions for Economizing Renewable Energy Tariff”..
    Proposed Date: 20-21 November, 2017, New Delhi, India
  • PRG-120/2017/PENT: Workshop on “Growth of Indian Power Infrastructure and Lessons Learnt” (2-day, Pakistan)
    Proposed Date:16-17 October, 2017, Lahore, Pakistan
  • PRG-121/2017/POSIT: Capacity Building of SEC Professionals through External Expert /> SEC
  • PRG-94/2016/POSIT: Training workshop on “Identification, comparison And Scenario based application of Power Demand / Load Forecasting Tools
    Proposed Date: 24-25 Aug, 2017, Thimphu Bhutan
  • PRG-99/2016/PENT: Training workshop on “Simulated Power Trading Market / Exchange”.
    Proposed Date: 9-10 Nov, 2017, New Delhi, India


  • PRG-103/2017/PENT: Study on “Development of a Template for Dispute Settlement Mechanism between Member States”
    Proposed Date: Jan-Nov , 2017, SEC
  • PRG-104/2017/PENT: Action Paper on Assessing the Gaps in Laws and Regulations Regarding Trade & Exchange of Electricity.
    Proposed Date: Jan-Nov , 2017, SEC.
  • PRG-105/2017/PETREN: Study for the Deployment of Electric Road Transportation in South Asia.
    Proposed Date: Jan-Nov , 2017, SEC.
  • PRG-106/2017/PROMO: Study to Investigate the Difficulties for Household Solar Systems in SAARC Region.
    Proposed Date: Jan-Nov , 2017, SEC.
  • PRG-107/2017/PENT: Study to Review of Existing Feasibility Study of Karnali Chissapani Hydro Power Project (10,800 MW) for Defining the Way Forward to Materialize its Development as a Regional Hydro Power Project.
    Proposed Date: Jan-Nov , 2017, SEC.
  • PRG-108/2017/PENT: Study on “Defining Minimum Set of Standardized Technical Data Required for Regional Power Interconnections and Regional Power Trading”
    Proposed Date: Jan-Nov , 2017, SEC.
  • PRG-109/2017/PETREN Study on “Clean Coal Technologies for Power Sector and Their Scope in SAARC Region”.
    Proposed Date: Jan-Nov , 2017, SEC.
  • PRG-110/2017/PETREN Study to “Assess Low-cost and Low-carbon Transportation Solutions for SAARC Region”.
    Proposed Date: Jan-Nov , 2017, SEC.
  • PRG-111/2017/PROMO: Study to Compare the Prevailing Policy Measures, Technical Standards and Techniques including Labeling Schemes for Energy Efficiency / Energy Conservation in SAARC Member States with Advanced World.”.
    Proposed Date: Jan-Nov , 2017, SEC.
  • PRG-112/2017/PENT: Study to “i) Assess the Power Planning Criteria of SAARC Member States in the Perspective of International Practices and Upcoming Regional Power Interconnections and ii) Recommend Changes / Enhancements”.
    Proposed Date: Jan-Nov , 2017, SEC.
  • PRG-113/2017/POSIT Study to “Assess the Resource Potential and Planning for a Demonstration Project Using Run of River Submersible Water Turbine”.
    Proposed Date: Jan-Nov , 2017, SEC.