Energy Data Bank 


This is the fourth issue of SAARC Energy Data Book published by SAARC Energy Centre (SEC). It provides statistics on different sources of energy in the SAARC Region for the years from 2003 to 2013.

The book provides various aspects of energy in this Region for regional and international professionals, researchers and planners.

Basic energy data of SAARC Member States have been taken mainly from The "Energy Statistics Database" of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. The definitions and conversion factors used here conform to those used in the UN publications and have also been included in this issue, for ready reference.

SEC has the mandate to maintain a databank dealing with energy in South Asia to provide a basis for facilitating and promoting regional cooperation. To present reliable and accurate regional energy data in this book, we critically analyze the available UN data for its consistency and try to remove any discrepancies with the help of relevant organizations in the Member States. However, there is a need for assistance of Member States for quick response to the queries for critical review of their country data presented in this book and reporting any correction or revisions. It will help SEC maintain accurate energy statistics.

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