Webinar on “Designing Energy Efficient Buildings in SAARC Region”

Webinar on “Designing Energy Efficient Buildings in SAARC Region”

SAARC Energy Centre, Islamabad has successfully organized a Webinar on “Designing Energy Efficient Buildings in SAARC Region” on Tuesday, 23rd July, 2020 from 11030 – 1400 PST (Pakistan Standard Time)

Globally, the buildings and allied construction sectors accounts for 36% of the final energy consumption.[1] With increased urbanization in the SAARC Member States, it is envisioned that the number of buildings will increase in future which shall result in increased demand of electricity. Most of the Member States in SAARC region are energy deficient and rest have very little margin between their existing supply and demand. With the increasing demand of electricity, more investment in new generation sources would be required in future. One of the effective ways of reducing electricity demand is through constructing Energy Efficient (EE) buildings and installing EE appliances in them. The investments in an EE building is 2-3 times less than the cost of investments in the supply side of the energy system.

The proposed webinar was aimed towards enhancing the capacity of the professionals in the SAARC region. This webinar was a knowledge sharing event specifically targeted to measures and interventions which can contribute to the increase in energy efficiency of the Residential / Commercial buildings of the SAARC Region.

The content of the webinar including Webinar Report, Concept paper, Agenda, and Presentations are given below:

Webinar Report, Agenda and Concept Paper  

  1. To download Webinar Report, Click Here
  2. To download Webinar Concept Paper, Click Here
  3. To download Webinar Agenda, Click Here

Presentation during Webinar

  1. “Green building in a post Covid-19 India”, by Mr. Mr Shubhashis Dey, Associate Director – Energy Efficiency Program (Industry, Buildings & Cooling), Shakti Foundation India, Click Here
  2. “Energy Wastage and Recovery Options in Buildings”, by Dr Mohammad Adil, Deputy Director and Co-founder at CIBEA (Center for Industrial and Building Energy Audits), UET Peshawar Pakistan, Click Here
  3. “Development of Green Building in China and Main Technical Standards”, by Dr Guozhu Li, Deputy Director of the Institute of Science and Technology Research and Development of CABR China, Click Here
  4. “Promoting Energy Efficient Green Buildings in SAARC Region using EDGE Green Building Rating System”, by Dr. Muhammad Bilal Sajid Assistant Professor USPCAS-E NUST Pakistan Click Here