On-line Training of SAARC Professional on Small, Mini and Micro Hydro Power Generation

On-line Training of SAARC Professional on Small, Mini and Micro Hydro Power Generation

SAARC Energy Centre conducted an on-line training on SMMHP Generation from September 13th to September 17th 2021. Hydro and Renewable Energy Department (HRED), IIT Roorkee was invited to take the lead in the training. Eleven trainers including professors and the leading energy experts from India, Nepal and Austria shared their experience and imparted their knowledge to the professionals from all SAARC Member States and outside the SAARC. Out of total 180 registered professionals, 120 professionals have successfully participated the event. The training covered various aspects of policies, technologies, socioeconomic and environmental aspects, planning, design concepts, techno-economic feasibility, project development and operation/maintenance of SMMHP. Issues, challenges and opportunities pertaining to SMMHP was also discussed. This capacity development event was based on presentations, lectures, training notes, videos, laboratory training, interactive discussions and evaluation through MCQs.

This training has greatly helped the participants to understand the theoretical knowledge and to develop technical skills on planning, design, environmental screening, financial evaluation, and operation and maintenance of SMMHP plants etc. We believe that the participants had good opportunity to be familiar with policy, regulatory support, and ownership model for community-based projects.

Further relevant information is available on the following links:

1. Trainer Profile, Click here
2. SAARC Energy Center Training Schedule, Click here
3. Concept Paper with Objective of Individual Training Sessions, Click here

Presentation During Training Session:

  1. Presentation on “Introduction to Small, Medium and Micro Hydropower” by Arun Kumar, Click Here
  2. Presentation on “Site Selection and Investigation of SMMHP Plants” by SK Singal, Click Here
  3. Presentation on “Socioeconomic and Environmental Aspects of SMMHP Plants” by AK Tyagi, Click Here
  4. Presentation on “Hybridization with SMMHP Plants” by Himanshu Jain, Click Here
  5. Presentation on “Technical Consideration in Planning SMMHP” by Arun Kumar, Click Here
  6. Presentation on “Selection and Dimensioning of Major Components of SMMHP Plants” by B Pelikan, Click Here
  7. Presentation on “Civil Engineering Aspects of Designing SMMHP Plants” by Mukesh Singhal, Click Here
  8. Presentation on “Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Aspects – Converted” by RP Saini, Click Here
  9. Presentation on “Construction of SMMHP Plants” by Rajesh Kumar, Click Here
  10. Presentation on “SMMHP Operations, Monitoring and Control” by AK Goel, Click Here
  11. Presentation on “Operation and Maintenance of SMMHP Plants” by SK Tyagi, Click Here
  12. Presentation on “SMMHP plants Operations Using Software” by Himanshu Jain, Click Here
  13. Presentation on “Economic Considerations in Planning of SMMHP Plants” by SK Singal, Click Here
  14. Presentation on “Tariff Structure – Power Purchase Agreement” by Anand Kumar, Click Here
  15. Presentation on “Financing mechanisms and Business Models of SMMHP Plants” by Arun Kumar, Click Here
  16. Presentation on “Policies and Regulations for SMMHP Development” by RP Dhital, Click Here
  17. Presentation on “Policy and Regulations for SMMHP Development” by Arun Kumar, Click Here
  18. Presentation on “Measurement of Performance of SMMHP Plants” by RP Saini, Click Here

Post Training Report: Click Here

YouTube Channel Link for Recorded Training Session: Click Here