Online Training on “HOMER Software”

Online Training on “HOMER Software”

SAARC Energy Centre is organizing a Five (05) days Online Training on “HOMER Software” from Monday 29th November till Friday 3rd December, 2021 from 1000-1200 hrs (PKT). The training shall introduce the design and functionality of HOMER software to the professionals, for enhancing their capacity on using it. This online training shall provide information and tools on the key parameters of this software associated with design and simulation of Renewable Energy projects.

In this training, we have invited Dr. Peter Lilienthal who was the lead developer of the HOMER Software. He and his co-trainer shall deliver presentations and conduct interactive discussions during the course of the training. All participants should install HOMER Pro on their computer/Laptop before commencing the training.

Further relevant information is available on the following links:

The Registration link, HOMER download link, Concept paper, Agenda of training, and Trainers profile can be found on the following links respectively.

  1. GotoWebinar Registration for Training, Click Here
  2. Homer Software Download, Click Here
  3. Concept Paper of Training, Click Here
  4. Agenda of the Training, Click Here
  5. Trainers Profile, Click Here

HOMER Training Material

  1. HOMER Pro Foundations Student Training Guide ver20211125, Click Here
  2. Presentation on “HOMER Pro Foundations (SAARC Energy Centre)” by Dr. Peter Lilienthal, Click Here
  3. Day-1 Homer Pro Foundations I Lessons A, Click Here
  4. Day-2 Homer Pro Foundations II Lessons B, Click Here
  5. Day-3 Homer Pro Foundations III Lessons C, Click Here
  6. Day-4 Homer Pro Advanced Solar Wind Lessons D, Click Here
  7. Day-5 Homer Pro Advanced Multi-genset Lessons E, Click Here