SAARC Training Workshop for Energy Audit and Efficiency in the Power Sector (Pakistan, 27 – 29 Aug 2013)

SAARC Training Workshop for Energy Audit and Efficiency in the Power Sector (Pakistan, 27 – 29 Aug 2013)

The workshop adopted the following recommendations for the way forward in the  perspectives of energy auditing and efficiency in the power sector of the SAARC Member States: (a) Preparation of an SDF project for providing Energy Management and Services in the SAARC Member States, (b) SEC should develop different mechanisms for sharing best practices on energy auditing and energy efficiency, (c) A SAARC Energy Audit Toolkit should be developed by SEC, (d) SAARC Member States should develop a cadre of Energy Management System Experts (ISO-50001) with the support of organizations such as SLEMA, (e) Energy Audit and Efficiency improvement plan should be a part of the business plan of all utility companies and (f) SEC should consider undertaking a pilot / demonstration project “Energy Conservation by Using Low Cost, High Efficiency Lighting Technologies in one or more SAARC Member States” through its program activities.

The content of the workshop including Concept paper, Agenda and Presentations are given below:

Workshop  Report, Agenda and Concept Paper

Download Workshop  Report, Click Here

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Resource Persons Presentation(s)

  1. Energy Audit – Concept and Potential SAARC  by Mr. Ronald Comester, Click Here
  2. Energy Audit and Efficiency in Power Sector (final) by  Mr. Mohsin Syed, Click Here
  3. Energy Audit of Generation and Distribution Systems -Nepal Experience by Mr. Bhishma Pandit, Click Here
  4. Tapping the Energy Efficiency Potential in Processes, Systems and Networks by Nimal Perera, Click Here
  5. Energy Efficiency Through Latest Technologies for Lighting Applications by Mr. Ali Mehmud, Click Here
  6. Prudent Practices to Improve Power Factor and Reduce Power Loss by M. Akhtar, Click Here
  7. Audit Process and Methodology Sharing the Indian Success Story by Dr. Gharpure, Click Here
  8. SMART Energy Program by Muhammad Usman Arshad Khan, Click Here
  9. India’s Energy Efficiency Initiatives by Mr. Anil Kumar , Click Here
  10. Reliability Centered Asset Management (RCAM) Aiming at Energy Efficient Transmission & Distribution System by Irfan Ahmad, Click Here
  11. Capacity Building – What is Available and What is Required in the SAARC Region by Nimal Perera, Click Here
  12. Capacity Building Frame Work for SAARC Region by Dr. Gharpure, Click Here
  13.  ENERCON SAARC Energy Centre by Asad Mahmood , Click Here
  14. 220kv Grid Station Wapda Town by Amir Sattar, Click Here

Country Presentation(s)

  1. Afghanistan Country Presentation, Click Here
  2. Bangladesh Country Presentation, Click Here
  3. India Country Presentation, Click Here
  4. Nepal Country Presentation, Click Here
  5. Pakistan Country Presentation, Click Here
  6. Sri Lanka Country Presentation, Click Here