The SAARC Energy Centre (SEC) requires services from experienced and qualified expert(s) / parties to conduct the following study:“Assessment of Wind and Solar Power Forecasting Techniques in SAARC Countries”

If you have experience in the relevant field and interest in undertaking the above study, please submit your proposal (on the prescribed format) to pltt@saarcenergy.org and info@saarcenergy.org not later than Thursday, 30th April, 2020. Please clearly mention subject of the study in your correspondence. Request for Proposal (including TORs, format of Technical & Financial Proposal and other terms & conditions) and Proposed Minimum Contents of the Study can be downloaded from the following links: (Request for Proposal)

1.   The SEC will pay a lump sum honorarium not exceeding USD 28,000 after completion and acceptance of the study report by the Centre.

2.  The Study task will be carried-out while working at your location. It does not include any travelling to SAARC Member States or to SEC.

3.  E-mail / Skype / video link will be the preferred mode of communication between the expert / Party and the SEC.

4.  Only short-listed expert(s) / party will be contacted for the interview and final selection.

5.  Any false information / document(s) will lead to rejection of the proposal.

6.  The SEC reserves the right to accept or reject any or all of the proposals.