VC on “Challenges in Financing of Utility Scale Clean Energy Project in SAARC Countries”

VC on “Challenges in Financing of Utility Scale Clean Energy Project in SAARC Countries”

The energy sector of any country is critically important for its economic development and to improve the standard of living for its residents. Countries across the globe are engaged in several initiatives to achieve uninterrupted, affordable and clean energy supply for sustainable future. The world has entered an era where the nexus between energy and climate change is slowly becoming the focal point during the strategy and policy formation for energy sector interventions. On the similar lines, the SAARC member states have also witnessed transformations in its power systems and structures with a strategic thrust on promoting clean energy in past few years.

In order to understand the current investment environment, discover the challenges, and understand the required programs to mobilize funding for utility scale clean energy projects; aiming to enhance the availability of financial resources and to establish a conducive financial environment for deployment of utility scale clean energy projects in the SAARC member states, SEC conducted a study on “Challenges in Financing of Utility-Scale Clean Energy Projects in SAARC Countries”. To get feedback from member states for value addition, and to build awareness among Member States, SEC conducted a video conference to disseminate this Study Report.

The Study Report, Concept Paper, Agenda and Presentations made during the video conference are available on the following links respectively.

  1. Download Draft Study Report, Click Here
  2. Download Concept Paper of Video Conference, Click Here
  3. Download Agenda of the Video Conference, Click Here
  4. Download Presentation on “Financing of Utility-Scale Clean Energy Projects in SAARC Countries ” by Mr. Sandeep Kumar Mohanty , Click Here

Video Conference Proceeding