Webinar on “Energy System Optimization Modelling through PLEXOS® for SAARC Member States”

Webinar on “Energy System Optimization Modelling through PLEXOS® for SAARC Member States”

SAARC Energy Centre, Islamabad has successfully organized a Webinar on “Energy System Optimization Modelling through PLEXOS® for SAARC member states” on Thursday, 2nd July, 2020 from 1400 – 1530 PST (Pakistan Standard Time)

With increasing shares of renewables in the energy system and the importance of energy for prosperity of nations, system optimization and modelling has gained significant importance all over the world. Due to the associated complexities and uncertainties, decision makers and planners always face increased pressure to respond more effectively and timely to a number of energy-related issues and conflicts, as well as GHG emission mitigation within the multiple scales of energy management systems. The Energy system optimization models (ESOMs) can help decision makers and planners by providing insights into energy and environment. This helps in strategic planning and decision making and policy making. An effective and efficient ESOM provides detailed information for immediate decision making and strategic planning for long-term expansion.

The webinar was aimed towards enhancing the capacity of the professionals in the SAARC region. It was a knowledge sharing event specifically targeted to measures and interventions which can contribute to the increase in energy system optimization in the SAARC Region. This Webinar covered on the most pressing functionalities and features of the PLEXOS® software. This webinar also provided insights on power system modelling best practices in the rapidly growing global community. Use case and user’s application were reviewed for a better understanding of what can be achieved with the PLEXOS® software.

The content of the webinar including Webinar Report, Concept paper, Agenda, and Presentations are given below:

Webinar Report, Agenda and Concept Paper  

  1. To download Webinar Report, Click Here
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Presentation during Webinar

  1. “Energy System Optimization Modelling through PLEXOS® in SAARC member states”, by Dr Dante Recalde, Lead Energy Market Analyst for the solution engineering team at Energy Exemplar, Click Here 

You may submit comments/views and/or observations on the webinar to SAARC Energy Centre through email to Dr. Tanvir Ahmad, Programme Leader (Technology Transfer) ( before 20th July, 2020.