Webinar on “Future of Air-conditioning in Buildings”

Webinar on “Future of Air-conditioning in Buildings”

SAARC Energy Centre, Islamabad has successfully organized a Webinar “Future of Air-conditioning in Buildings” on Tuesday, 16th June 2020.

This webinar discussed Next-Generation A/C Systems, Development of Low-GWP A/C Systems, Advances in A/C System Efficiency, Expected growth in Air-conditioning demand and Global warming contributions. The webinar was attended by officials from relevant Government departments of SAARC Member States. Research organizations, academia, associated industry and entrepreneurs were also present in the webinar.

The content of the webinar including recording, Concept paper, Agenda, and Presentations are given below:

Webinar Report, Concept Paper  & Agenda

  1. To Download Webinar Report, Click Here
  2. To Download Webinar Concept Paper, Click Here
  3. To Download Latest Agenda of the Webinar, Click Here

Presentation During Webinar

  1. Presentation on “Future of Air conditioning in Buildings” by Dr.Adeel Waqas, Click Here
  2. Presentation on “Advances in AC System Efficiency ” by Mr.Muhammad Waqas Sulehri , Click Here