Webinar on “Hybrid Renewable Power Plants: Opportunities and Challenges”

Webinar on “Hybrid Renewable Power Plants: Opportunities and Challenges”

SAARC Energy Centre, Islamabad has successfully organized the second Webinar on “Hybrid Renewable Power Plants: Opportunities and Challenges” on Friday8th November, 2019 from 1030 – 1200 PST (Pakistan Standard Time). 

A hybrid renewable power plant employs multiple RE technologies in same vicinity. Such power generating options may offer multiple benefits in form of better grid integration and less land requirements. Nevertheless, it comes with tradeoffs of limited resource utilization or difficulties in joint operation. This webinar investigated all such matters. Mr. M. G. A. GoonetillekeAdditional Secretary, Ministry of Power & Renewable Energy, Sri Lankagraced inaugurated the webinar. As a world renowned expert in the field, he shared his experience with the participants.  He also presented the major achievements of SEC during his introductory remarks. Following were the major aspects covered in the webinar: 

  1. Economics of hybrid RE power plants 
  2. Operational and design challenges 
  3. Contemporary solutions for combined operation of multiple RE assets 
  4. System level benefits of solar-wind hybrid power plants 
  5. Best regulatory, fiscal and policy tools for promotion of hybrid RE concept 
  6. Case studies 

The content of the webinar including Webinar Report, Concept paper, Agenda, and Presentations are given below: 

Webinar Report, Agenda and Concept Paper   

  1. To download Webinar Report, Click Here
  2. To download Webinar Concept Paper, Click Here 
  3. To download Webinar Agenda, Click Here 

Presentation during Webinar 

  1. Solar PV Power Plants in Hybrid Arrangements at Wind Power Plants by Mr. Kashif Hussain, Assistant Executive, FFC Energy Limited (FFCEL), Pakistan,Click Here 
  2. Case Studies: Hybrid Micro Grids as Model of Rural Electrification and it’s Financing by Engr Ammar Yasser, Click Here