Webinar on “Promotion of Light Electric Vehicles in SAARC”

Webinar on “Promotion of Light Electric Vehicles in SAARC”

SAARC Energy Centre (SEC) successfully organized a webinar on “Promotion of Light Electric Vehicles in SAARC” on 17th March, 2020.

Presenters from inside and outside SAARC region shared their insights on the Light Electric Vehicles, especially in the context of SAARC region. The overall objective of this webinar was to highlight and promote the numerous benefits that the use of light electric vehicles brings to the common consumer and the governments. The webinar shared specific economic and environmental benefits, relevant case studies and provided participants with information on how to achieve large scale adoption. Following were the important aspects covered during the webinar:

  • Current Status and Future Demand Projections of Light EVs in India
  • Policy Guidelines currently in place for Light EVs in India and Pakistan
  • Rationale for Light EVs and its Benefits
  • Initiatives for Promoting Light EVs
  • Charging Strategies for Effective Promotion of Light EVs
  • International Experiences in Smart Charging of EVs
  • Global Outlook of EVs

The agenda, concept paper and presentations of the Webinar are available at the links below:

Webinar Report, Agenda and Concept Paper  

  1. Webinar Report, Click Here
  2. Agenda of the Webinar, Click Here
  3. Concept Paper of the Webinar, Click Here

Presentations during Webinar

  1. Light Electric Vehicles – Charging Strategy & Implementation, by Suddhasatta Kundu (Associate Director – India Smart Grid Forum) Click Here
  2. Smart Charging for Electric Vehicles: International Experiences, by Arina Anisie (Associate Programme Officer – RE Innovation, International Renewable Energy Agency) Click Here
  3. EVs Global Outlook and Policy Framework in Pakistan, by Gul Hassan Bhutto (Head of Engineering & Operations – Omni Power) Click Here