Workshop on “Techniques on Energy Conservation and Efficiency in Buildings”

Workshop on “Techniques on Energy Conservation and Efficiency in Buildings”

SAARC Energy Centre (SEC), Islamabad successfully conducted a workshop on “Techniques on Energy Conservation and Efficiency in Buildings” in Sri Lanka from 26th to 28th August 2019 in Dambulla, Sri Lanka. This workshop was attended by delegates of all the SAARC Member States except Afghanistan. During the three-day workshop, opportunities for energy savings in residential, public, and commercial buildings were discussed in detail. All three primary ways to improve energy efficiency in residential, public, and commercial building i.e., improved design and construction techniques to reduce heating, cooling, ventilating, and lighting loads; Building upgrades, replacement of energy-using equipment with efficient ones; and actively managing energy use; were also discussed in details.

The contents of the workshop including Concept Paper, Agenda, Presentations, Conclusions and Pictures are given below:

Workshop Report, Agenda and Concept Paper

  1. Workshop Report, Click Here
  2. Workshop Agenda, Click Here
  3. Concept Paper, Click Here

Workshop Presentations (Day 1)

  1. Energy Conservation in buildings: The Role of Policy and Market Forces Mr. Rajkiran V. Bilolikar, Click Here
  2. Appliances Standardization and Labeling by Mr. Asad Mahmood, Click Here

Workshop Presentations (Day 2)

  1. Barriers in achieving Energy Efficiency and Conservation in SAARC Member States by Suresh Shrestha, Click Here
  2. Energy Conservation through Human Behavior Change by Nimal Perera, Click Here
  3. Importance of Public Awareness in Energy Conservation and Efficiency by Mr. Rajkiran V Bilolikar, Click Here
  4. Environmental Control & Buildings LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) by Nimal Perera, Click Here
  5. Energy Efficiency Strategy for SAARC Member States by Suresh Shrestha, Click Here

Workshop Presentations (Day 3)

  1. (a) Energy Buildings Codes & (b) Building Energy Simulation by Vishal Garg, Click Here
  2. Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Designing and Operating Buildings for Energy Efficiency by Vishal Garg, Click Here

Country Presentations

  1. Bangladesh Country Presentation, Click Here
  2. Bhutan Country Presentation, Click Here
  3. India Country Presentation, Click Here
  4. Maldives Country Presentation, Click Here
  5. Nepal Country Presentation, Click Here
  6. Pakistan Country Presentation, Click Here
  7. Sri Lanka Country Presentation, Click Here

Workshop Conclusions and RecommendationsClick Here 

Workshop PicturesClick Here