On-line Training of Stakeholders on “Power Purchase Agreements of Renewable Energy Projects”

On-line Training of Stakeholders on “Power Purchase Agreements of Renewable Energy Projects”

SEC successfully conducted five days On-line training of SAARC Professionals on “Power Purchase Agreements of Renewable Energy Projects” held from 8th to 12th of November, 2021. During the training participants learned about different models of the Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreements (RPPAs) for managing more competitive energy markets and financing structures supporting the bankability requirements for RE projects. Moreover, the expert trainers imparted necessary knowledge among the participants to devise the terms and conditions of RPPAs including key features/components of RPPA contract, pricing structure, payment mechanism, risk assessment and coverage etc. The comprehensive sessions were designed to target a broad audience, ranging from policy and decision makers, regulators, project developers and project managers, private sector investors, academia/researchers, Independent Power producers (IPPs) etc.

Further relevant information is available on the following links:

1. Trainer Profile, Click here
2. SAARC Energy Center Training Schedule, Click here
3. Concept Paper with Objective of Individual Training Sessions, Click here

Presentation During Training Session:

  1. Presentation on “Review and Importance of Competitive Power Markets” by Rhythm Singh, Click Here
  2. Presentation on “Different Models of RPPA and Strategies for Design and Regulation of RPPAs” by Himanshu Jain, Click Here
  3. Presentation on “Mechanism for Analyzing and Negotiating” by Anand Kumar, Click Here
  4. Presentation on “Risk Assessment and Mitigation Techniques for Renewable Energy Projects” by Rakesh Kumar Goyal, Click Here
  5. Presentation on “RPPAs Financing Structures and Bankability Requirements of RE Project” by Anand Kumar, Click Here
  6. Presentation on “Roles and Obligations of Parties in RPPAs and Dispute Settlement Mechanisms” by RP Dhital, Click Here
  7. Presentation on “Operations, Maintenance and Decommissioning Provisions in RPPAs” by Vivek Mishra, Click Here
  8. Presentation on “Case Study Regional and International Competitive Procurements” by Rakesh Kumar Goyal, Click Here
  9. Presentation on “Panel Discussion – SAARC Training on RPPAs” by Faisal Sharif, Click Here
  10. Presentation on “Panel Discussion – Green Market (GDAM+GTAM)-IITR” by Ravi Kuchi, Click Here

Post Training Report: Click Here

YouTube Channel Link for Recorded Training Session: Click Here