Online Capacity Building of SAARC Professionals on “Commercial Scale Biogas Plants”

Online Capacity Building of SAARC Professionals on “Commercial Scale Biogas Plants”

SEC successfully conducted 5 day on-line training for SAARC Professionals on “ Commercial Scale Biogas Plants” held from Monday, 23 August 2021 to Friday, 27 August 2021. The online training facilitated the participants to learn about the various aspects of commercial scale biogas plants i.e., fundamentals, construction, operation, maintenance, economics, environmental/social facets, of commercial scale biogas plants. The five-day technical sessions were focused on: basic concepts of the biogas technology, global biogas market, types of biogas plants and feedstocks, biogas plant (small scale/commercial) design, biogas applications, performance assessment (scalability/financial viability/techno-economic analysis), regulations, challenges, and the existing biogas technology along with its future potential in SAARC member states. The comprehensive sessions were designed to target a broad audience, ranging from policy/decision makers, prospective biogas plant developers to project managers, researchers, and other stakeholders working with the biogas technology.

Further relevant information is available on the following links:

  1. Concept Paper of the Training Session: Click Here
  2. Trainer Profile, Click Here
  3. SAARC Energy Centre Training Schedule, Click Here
  4. Study Case on “WASTE-TO-ENERGY” by “Dr. Nawaz Ahmad Virk” (Director SECPresented During Training Session, Click Here

Presentation During Training Session:

  1. Presentation on “Overview of Biogas Technology As Future Fuel” by Prof. Sanjeev Kumar, Click Here
  2. Presentation on “Current Status and Future Potential of Commercial-Scale Biogas in SAARC Members States” by Prof. Deepak Sharma, Click Here
  3. Presentation on “Fundamentals on Biogas Production Process” by Prof. Sanjeev Kumar, Click Here
  4. Presentation on “Feedstock Types, Their Availability, Cost And Procurement w.r.t to SAARC Member States” by Prof. Pratham Arora, Click Here
  5. Presentation on “Multifarious uses of biogas and its opportunities w.r.t Power Generation in SAARC Member States” by Dr. A R Shukla, Click Here
  6. Presentation on “Biogas Plant Design Concepts and Considerations for Establishment of Commercial Scale Facilities” by  Dr. Deepak Sharma, Click Here
  7. Presentation on “Feasibility and Scalability of Biogas Plants II: Economic Analysis, Environmental and Social Benefits” by Prof Pratham Arora, Click Here
  8. Presentation on “Feasibility and Scalability of Biogas Plants I: Concepts and Methods” by Mr. Srinivas Kasulla, Click Here
  9. Presentation on “Residue Management and Value Addition” by Mr. Chandan Gadgil, Click Here
  10. Presentation on “Regulations and Challenges Linked with the Development of Commercial Biogas Plants” by  Shailendra Shukla, Click Here
  11. Presentation on “Technologies for Resource Recovery from Commercial-Scale Biogas Plants” by Prof. Sanjeev KumarClick Here
  12. Presentation on ” Introduction to PFAN & Pakistan Private Sector Energy Project“, Click Here

Post Training Report: Click Here

YouTube Channel Link for Recorded Training Session: Click Here