SAARC Perspective Workshop Past, Present and Future of High Voltage DC (HVDC) Power Transmission (Lahore, 30 Sept – 1 Oct, 2015)

SAARC Perspective Workshop Past, Present and Future of High Voltage DC (HVDC) Power Transmission (Lahore, 30 Sept – 1 Oct, 2015)

Workshop Report

To Download Workshop Report, Concept Paper, Program & Group Photo, Click Here

Resource Person(s) Presentation(s)

  1. An Introduction Of CASA – 1000 Project by Mr. Muhammad Daud, Click Here
  2. HVDC-Flexible in China by Wang Bo, Click Here
  3. Pakistan Entering Into the Era of HVDC Technologies by Mr. Abdur Razzaq Cheema, Click Here
  4. Power Interconnector Economic Justification and Financing Methodology by Dr. P N Fernando, Click Here
  5. Regional Power Interconnections by Mr. Anjum Ahmad, Click Here
  6. SARI-EI and Key Activities Undertaken and Way Forward, Click Here
  7. Technology Considerations for Cross Border Power Interconnections by Hassan Jafar Zaidi, Click Here
  8. Management of High Voltage DC Transmission Systems in Pakistan by Engr. Mohsin Syed, Click Here
  9. Transmission of Electrical Energy by Mr. Tauqeer Ahmad, Click Here
  10. Protection Perspective of HVDC Technology by Muhammad Shafiq, Click Here
  11. SARI/EI Study on Harmonization of grid codes, operating procedures and standards to facilitate/promote cross border electricity trade in the south Asia region: Status Update and Way Forward by Mr. Rajiv Ratne Panday, Click Here
  12. How certified T&D components help to improve power network performance – Applicable for HVAC and HVDC projects by Mr. Bas Verhoeven, Click Here
  13. South Asian Power Sector: Investment Prospects, Challenges and Issues by Mr. Kharbanda, Click Here
  14. HVDC Transmission System by Mr. OOmen Chandy, Click Here
  15. HVDC – the Chinese Experience by Ms. Quan Bailu, Click Here
  16. 500 kV Transmission system between Tajikistan and Pakistan for Central Asia – South Asia Transmission Interconnection (CASA-1000) by Mr. Rehan Akhtar, Click Here

Country Presentation(s)

  1. Afghanistan Country Presentation, Click Here
  2. Bangladesh Country Presentation – I, Click Here
  3. Bangladesh Country Presentation – II, Click Here
  4. Bhutan Country Presentation, Click Here
  5. India Country Presentation, Click Here
  6. Nepal Country Presentation, Click Here
  7. Pakistan Country Presentation, Click Here
  8. Sri Lanka Country Presentation, Click Here