Video Conference on “Promotion of Light Electric Vehicles in SAARC”

Video Conference on “Promotion of Light Electric Vehicles in SAARC”

SAARC Energy Centre (SEC) has successfully organized a Video Conference to Disseminate “Action Plan for Electric Utilities of SAARC Countries to Introduce EV Charging Infrastructure” on 28th January 2021.

SEC conducted a study in 2019 to coordinate with the selected electric utilities of the member states and facilitate them in formulating action plans for introducing EV charging infrastructure. This video conference aims to disseminate the findings of that study, to get feedback from member states for value addition, and to build awareness among the Member States for a future transition towards the electric transport system.

Following important aspects will be covered during the video conference:

  • The long and medium-term vision and current investment outlook of the selected electric utility companies
  • The mid to long-term action plan on the introduction of EV public charging infrastructure development.
  • Technology options under consideration
  • Potential sites for charging infrastructure deployment
  • Investment outlay for potential deployment
  • Provision of third-party private investment and operation of charging stations
  • Business model /mode of payment for using charging infrastructure
  • Commitment to carry out assessment studies for EV at an organizational level

The provisional agenda, concept paper, and the speaker’s profiles for the video conference are available at the links below:

  1. Study Report, Click Here
  2. Agenda of the Video Conference, Click Here
  3. Concept Paper of the Video Conference, Click Here
  4. Presentation during Video Conference, Click Here
  5. Speakers Profiles, Click Here

You may submit comments/views and/or observations on the video conference to SAARC Energy Centre through email to Mr. Muhammad Umar Mukhtar, Research Fellow (ETE) ( before 20th February 2021