Webinar on “Cross Border Electricity Trade in SAARC Countries” – Second Session

Webinar on “Cross Border Electricity Trade in SAARC Countries” – Second Session

South Asian countries which are facing challenges in meeting growing electricity demand, can benefit from increase in cross-border electricity cooperation and trade by harnessing commentaries in electricity demand patterns, diversity in resource endowments for power generation and gain from larger market access. It is important for SAARC member states to have power interconnections with neighboring countries for stable base load supply, energy diversification and climate change mitigation.

There is vast potential for regional energy cooperation which would improve the utilization of existing resources, development of future energy resources and regional energy security. Countries could benefit by developing their generation capacities in an integrated manner. Regional trade in electricity would benefit in optimal utilization of regional electricity generating resources, enhance grid security and electricity trade arising from diversity in peak demand and seasonal variations. Currently, most of the power transmission and trade are bilateral in nature, however the trend is shifting towards involvement of private sectors as well. Some trade in electricity sector is happening among some member states but these cooperation needs to be widened up throughout SAARC member states i.e. multilateral.

SEC, under its thematic area of “Program on Energy Trade between SAARC countries” (PENT), conducted a webinar on “Cross Border Electricity Trade in SAARC Countries” in March 2020.  However, given the importance of the subject, SEC is organizing the second webinar on this topic. The webinar will be two hours activity and will consist of presentations from experts from inside and outside SAARC region who will share their experience on cross border electricity trade outside SAARC region.

In this webinar experts will share on current status, barriers, absence of cross border regulatory commissions, importance of SAARC power exchanges, impact of national electricity sector policies, transmission pricing, energy metering, accounting, clearing and payments. The webinar will share suitability, viability and other aspects of the regional trade with reference to businesses, government officials, investors, and project developers. The motive is to educate participants on cross border trade of electricity among the South Asian countries.

The concept paper, agenda of the Webinar and Presentation Webinar are available at the links below:

  1.  Concept Paper of the Webinar, Click Here
  2. Agenda of the Webinar, Click Here

Presentation during Webinar

  1. Cross Border Electricity Trade in SAARC Countries: Current Status and Future Outlook, Mr. Rajiv Ratna Panda, SARI/EI, India, Click Here
  2. Energy Interconnection and Trade of ASEAN and China, Dr. Jiang Han, GEIDO, ChinaClick Here