Webinar on “Intelligent Lighting Systems”

Webinar on “Intelligent Lighting Systems”

SAARC Energy Centre, Islamabad has organized a Webinar on “Intelligent Lighting Systems” on Thursday 25th March 2021, 1000 hrs. to 1130 hrs. PKT (Pakistan Standard Time).

The Webinar will be one and half hour activity where experts of the lighting will be presenting on smart lighting technologies, sensing and control strategies, benefits and potential energy savings of Intelligent Lighting Systems. They will also share the history, latest development and market of Intelligent Lighting Systems. Experts in the areas of Intelligent Lighting Systems from the South Asian region or outside will be invited to share their insights. The overall objective of this webinar is to spread awareness among the people of South Asia about the use of intelligent lighting system for their comfort and wellbeing.

The links for downloading Concept Paper, Agenda, and Presentation during the Webinar for participants are given below.

Webinar Agenda, Concept Paper

  1. Download Concept Paper of the Webinar, Click Here
  2. Download Agenda of the Webinar, Click Here

Presentation during Webinar

  1. Presentation on “Past, Present & Forecast for Intelligent Lighting Systems in USA” by Peter Brown LC, Click Here
  2. Presentation on “Intelligent Lighting for the New Normal and the Future – More Than Meets the Eye” by Mr. Philip Hammond, Click Here