Webinar on “Energy Simulation of Building”

Webinar on “Energy Simulation of Building”

SAARC Energy Centre (SEC) will organize a Webinar on“Energy Simulation of Building” on Tuesday, 14th July 2020. at 1100 Hrs Pakistan Standard Time (PKT)

Buildings use about 40% of global energy and consume approximately 60% of the world’s electricity. Buildings also contribute substantially towards greenhouse gas emissions. The increased construction of both residential and commercial buildings in SAARC Member States due to population growth, economic development and urbanization, are further straining the energy supplies in the regions and pressurizing the Member States and to employ of efficient measures in the buildings.

The energy consumption of a building is a complex function of vast numbers of energy variables and interrelated processes. For the design and operational decisions of an energy efficient building, correct estimates of these variables and process are needed. For that reason, energy behavior and performance of building are modeled and computer simulation is carried out. Based on the results of the simulation, refinements in the processes and variables are determined to have an energy efficient design of the building.

The webinar will feature the following presenters:

  • Mr. PC Thomas, Director, Team Catalyst, Driving sustainability through teamwork, Australia
  • Ms. Menglin Wang, Product Manager, Beijing Glory PKPM Technology Co. Ltd.

The  Concept Paper, Agenda of the webinar and Guidelines of Joining  the Webinar, can be found on the following links respectively.

  1. Download Latest Agenda of the Webinar, Click Here
  2. Download the Concept Paper, Click Here
  3. Download the Guidelines of the Joining Webinar, Click Here