On-line Training of Stakeholders on “Digitizing Industrial Motor Systems for Energy Efficiency”

On-line Training of Stakeholders on “Digitizing Industrial Motor Systems for Energy Efficiency”

SAARC Energy Centre organized a five (05) days Online Training of Stakeholders on Digitizing Industrial Motor Systems for Energy Efficiency from Monday 6th December till Friday 10th December, 2021 at 1400-1700 hrs. (PKT). The main objective of the training was to impart the fundamental information of industrial motor systems digitization to South Asian industrial stakeholders. The training was focused on industrial motor systems efficiency and saving potential, motor system standardization, remote digital live training, demonstration of MEPSY online calculation, Industrial IoT solutions, smart meters application, Industrial communication protocol etc.

In the training, well-versed resource persons from China, India, U.S.A, Switzerland, Finland, Germany and Hungary were invited whereas Top10 China took the lead. They delivered presentations, displayed videos, used software platform and conducted interactive discussions to meet the objectives of the training.

Further relevant information is available on the following links:

The Concept paper, Agenda of training, and Trainers profile can be found on the following links respectively.

  1. Concept Paper of Training, Click Here
  2. Agenda of the Training, Click Here
  3. Trainers Profile, Click Here

Presentation During Training Session:

  1. Presentation on “Overview of Motor System Energy Efficiency Improvement” by Mr. Conrad U. Brunner, Click Here
  2. Presentation on “Motor Efficiency System and Check with the Model Tools” by Mr. Rolf  Tieben, Click Here
  3. Presentation on “Pump System Energy Efficiency and Smart Pump Demonstrator” by Mr. Hu Bo, Click Here
  4. Presentation on “Condition Monitoring for Motors and Powertrain” by Mr. Teijo Karna , Click Here
  5. Presentation on “VFD and Motor System Saving Potentials” by Prof. Dr. Andrea Vezzini, Click Here
  6. Presentation on “Mepsy: The Appliance & Equipment Climate Impact Calculator” by Mr. Colin Taylor, Click Here
  7. Presentation on “Development and Implementation of Energy Efficiency Standards & Labeling Programs for Motor in China” by Mr. Liu Ren, Click Here
  8. Presentation on “Digitalization and Electricity Monitoring” by Mr. Hu Bo, Click Here
  9. Presentation on “Industrial Communication Protocol II: Modbus” by Mr. Hu Bo, Click Here
  10. Presentation on “VFD Applications & Motor Technologies” by Lokesh B M, Click Here
  11. Presentation on “Industrial Communication Protocol II: OPC UA” by Mr. Hu Bo, Click Here

Training Material

  1. SOTEA

  1. ILI+

  1. STR

  1. Motor Systems Tool

  1. MEPSY (online platform)

  1. Smart Pump Demonstrator (online platform, registration for use)

  1. Modbus Poll

8. Scinergyiot (House power stats)

9. Arduino

  1. Training-Material-Fan-V4, Click Here
  2. Training-Material-Compressed-Air-V4, Click Here
  3. Training Material Pump System-V3, Click Here

Post Training Report: Click Here

YouTube Channel Link for Recorded Training Sessions: Click Here